About Law Office of Ronald E. Grant

About Attorney Ronald E. Grant

Many of Ron’s clients have been with him for decades.  Ron believes in a very personal relationship with each of his clients.  The better he understands them and their specific needs, the more effective he can be in representing their interests.  He views his role as being more than that of just an attorney.  Given the areas of his practice, he believes that his role as a “counselor” is equally as important.

Many clients come to Ron in the most difficult times of their life.  Their understanding of the law is, likely and understandably, very limited.  Legal issues can also be very intimidating.  It can also be very challenging for someone to understand the full scope of their individual situation, given their emotional connection to their case.

These are the times when guidance from an experienced attorney matters the most.  Ron always strives to provide clarity, as well as understanding of the specific legal intricacies in each client’s case. Having compassion and an understanding of the emotional impact of a case is a hallmark of his practice.  Ron is an AV rated attorney by his peers (the highest rating an attorney can have), and published in Martindale-Hubbell.

After over thirty years of having a large high rise office, Ron made the decision to move his practice into his home in Richardson.  The elimination of unnecessary overhead made it possible for him to not have to pass the cost on to his clients.

He believes that it is also much more personal environment in which to interact with his clients and enjoys inviting his clients into his home.

Additionally, he has been an avid collector of many forms of art throughout his life.  One of his primary interests is Native American Art.  A trip to Ron’s home is always an experience for new clients, as well as those that have been with him for years.

Once you step into his home and office, you will better understand his dynamic personality, as well as his appreciation for the opportunities his career in Law has given him.  You will also be shown appreciation for investing your trust in him.