Areas of Practice

The Law Offices of Ronald E. Grant specialize in several areas of Law.

Family Law

Family Law primarily encompasses such matters as divorce, custody, community property, child support modification and enforcement, and paternity. If you are contemplating a divorce, you should consult with an attorney. This is an area of law that impacts many other aspects of your life. Your finances, community property and your relationship to your children are all affected by the outcome of a divorce.
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Personal Injury

Personal Injury and Malpractice involves matters such as automobile accidents, slip and fall, physician negligence/malpractice, wrongful death, and other situations where someone has sustained a physical injury or financial loss by no fault of their own.  You may have a difficult time recovering your losses without the assistance of an attorney.  You may also be offered a nominal amount of money from an insurance company or individual to “settle” the matter.  It is rarely advisable to do this without an attorney, as doing so might compromise your legal rights.
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Wills, Trust & Probate

The area of Estate Planning encompasses matters such as wills, medical care, probate and trusts.  Though most people prefer not to discuss or think about such matters, it is very important to think of your loved ones if you are to fall ill or pass away.
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Business Law

The area of Business Law involves the creation and maintenance of business entities, deceptive trade issues, collections, litigation, leases, real estate and tenant law, as well as other matters that are important to the formation and operation of a business, such as contracts and litigation. Ron Grant is experienced in representing individuals who would like to start or own a business, as well as those that have incurred damages or losses as a result of businesses that have engaged in deceptive trade or negligent business practices. He is prepared to review or create contracts, or engage in any necessary litigation. He is an experienced negotiator.
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