Auto Accident Attorney in Richardson Texas

Auto Accident Attorneys in Richardson Texas
Auto Accident Attorney in Richardson Texas

Automobile accidents

There are a few things more disheartening or painful than having your vehicle struck by a careless or negligent driver. So many times, drivers and passengers of the vehicle so struck are killed or injured with issues that are often debilitating and permanent in nature. This can be a confusing and painful time.

The pain is intensified by the other party’s overzealous insurance carrier, pushing for a recorded statement and offering a pittance to settle an injury case a few days after the accident. Injuries often do not show up for several days after an accident, even after an emergency room visit finds nothing more than soft tissue injury.

But your body doesn’t cooperate with the diagnosis and pain creeps into your body, making it difficult to work, sleep or go about your daily activities.

My job, which I take very seriously, is to make you as whole as is possible. I work with your physician or chiropractor to be certain you get the best care possible and are compensated appropriately for your pain and suffering as well as for your lost time from work.

Many attorneys work in this field, but are often difficult to contact to discuss their clients concerns. After more than 37 years in an office building, I moved my practice to my home. My clients have both my office and my home number and are welcome to call me after hours or on weekends if needed. We will work together as a team.

I am available day or night, seven days a week to discuss your issues. I can only speak with the insurance adjuster during their regular business hours, but I am available to speak with you. That can be very important to you when you are in pain.

Call me! Let me be there for you and help you obtain the maximum recovery we can to compensate you fully for your losses. My fees are paid as a percentage of the total recovery. I don’t get paid unless and until you do. I am here to help you.

If you have had an automobile accident and are not sure what your next step is, please give me a call for a free case evaluation.