Family Law

Family Law primarily encompasses such matters as divorce, custody, community property, child support modification and enforcement, and paternity. If you are contemplating a divorce, you should consult with an attorney. This is an area of law that impacts many other aspects of your life. Your finances, community property and your relationship to your children are all affected by the outcome of a divorce.

Although a quick and amicable resolution is preferred and sometimes can be reached between the parties in a divorce, that is not always possible. Often times, one or both parties are hurt and angry. It can be difficult for someone to think as clearly as they would without the stress and emotions that one experiences during a divorce. Besides having an understanding of the legal intricacies of divorce, Ron can counsel you as to realistic expectations out of the process. Sometimes “seeing the forest through the trees” is difficult. This is why experienced legal counsel is important in these matters.

There are few areas of the law that evoke more passion and anger than that of a case that involves the custody of children. In these types of cases, the best interest of the children is of paramount importance. Unfortunately, there are many situations that one or both parents disregard this for the sake of personal gain or “punishment” of the other parent. This is unfortunate, as the only ones really hurt are the children.

A diligent and experienced attorney should urge you to keep your focus on what is in the best interest of the children. It is best to insulate your children, as well as possible, from the pain and discomfort that can often happen during a divorce. Children need frequent contact and good relations with both parents.

There are times where an agreement was reached during a divorce that may need modification at a future date. A change in circumstances may necessitate a change in a custody and visitation agreement. Additionally, this might also necessitate an increase or reduction in child support, especially in these trying economic times. Even though agreements are reached, changes in life happen. It is good to speak with an attorney whenever there is significant change, so as to have a functional agreement in place.

Working with an experienced attorney gives you access to the wisdom that only comes from many years of navigating numerous family law cases. When you are dealing with emotional and stressful challenges of many family law matters, it is good to have an experienced advocate that can help you thorough your case.