Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Richardson Texas

Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Richardson TexasMotorcycle Injury Attorney in Richardson Texas

Motorcycle Accidents

The risk of injury or death for motorcyclists is much more likely for a motorcyclist than it is for the driver of a truck or automobile, in that there is no protective covering for the cyclist.

In more than 42 years in private practice, I have successfully handled a number of injury cases for cyclists and their families. As a cyclist myself, I am keenly aware of the danger of inattentive drivers and others who resent motorcyclists utilizing the roadway.

If you are a cyclist, you have probably experienced this problem. In two separate cases, I represented cyclists who were hit by drivers of automobiles that disregarded red lights. In one case, the cyclist, the father of five small children, was killed.

In the other, the cyclist went headfirst through the rear window of the automobile whose driver ran the light. Fortunately, he was not killed but did suffer serious and permanent back and neck injuries.

In both cases I was able to obtain recoveries to compensate the family of the cyclist killed and for the driver who was injured but survived.

Other cyclists my office has handled have been hit and injured, some severely, by drivers who switched lanes ignoring the cyclist already in that lane, resulting in the cyclist being run off the road, with some being seriously injured. I have worked with these riders or their survivors to maximize recoveries for their injuries or deaths.

If you or a family member have been injured or killed as the result of another driver’s negligence or an intentional act, I will do my best to make certain that you and yours are adequately and appropriately recompensed for those injuries.

Although as a cyclist I have never been injured, I have been forced off the road several times, which is a frightening and disturbing situation. If you are injured due to someone else’s reckless, negligent or intentional act, we will work together to recover the damages you are justly entitled to receive. Many insurance companies are not particularly sympathetic to the plight of cyclist.

Call me! My case evaluations are free. Let me be there for you and help you obtain the maximum recovery we can to compensate you fully for your losses. My fees are paid as a percentage of the total recovery and I don’t get paid unless and until you do.

I am here to help you. Come see me and we’ll make sure they pay attention and treat you or your family right.

If you have had a motorcycle accident and are not sure what your next step is, please give me a call to discuss your options.